Cute and Easy Upcycled Bottle Snowman

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Are you a sucker for Christmas crafts? If you say “YES”, then the upcycled bottle snowman project is for you. Instead of throwing glass bottles away, I come up with an idea to give them a new life.  

Gathering kids to create the snowman craft provides the project with much more fun. Besides, it gives you a chance to recall your childhood about the past Christmas holiday. 

Glancing at my step-by-step tutorial below, you will know how easy it is to make. Now, let’s bring the Christmas atmosphere to your home!

Upcycled Bottle Snowman

How exciting it is to grab a bottle that should have been in the trash to turn it into a cute snowman!

If you are interested in carrying out this simple Christmas decoration, the craft is worth a try. 

You even don’t need to invest time to find specific material types as you can easily get empty bottles everywhere you come over. 

The snowman from bottle idea can be used in many ways, from displaying on the mantle and the table as a centerpiece to serving as a gift. What an ideal project for making with little hands! 

What Paint is Best for Glass Bottles?

As this is an effortless project, there are various options for painting the craft you can choose. I prefer to use acrylic paint for mine, but you can even apply it to the bottle with other long-lasting paint. 

Covering the bottle with spray paint is the wisest way since it’s so quick. With this route, you can feel free to add decoration outside.  

In case you have intention to purchase paint such as finger paints or water color, I suggest that you shouldn’t do that because it’s hard to stick well on the material like these bottles.

Can I Use Other Kinds of Bottles Instead?

Aside from the suitable paint for the snowman, you are considering other types of bottles in case you don’t have available glass ones. 

I recommend you go with glass, provided that you can, as it gives a stable stand for the adorable snowman.

However, don’t worry! Remember that the Christmas bottle craft should be verbalised to anybody. 

The ideas can come with a snowman made of a plastic bottle or wine bottle snowman craft. It can be any shape or size if you desire, as long as it needs fitting the sock around the bottom and the top. 

What You Need

  • Empty bottle
  • Socks
  • Fabric
  • Craft paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Black maker
  • Hot glue gun

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make a Bottle Snowman?

Use white acrylic paint to cover the whole bottle evenly. Then set aside to let it dry.

Next, use a black marker and paint to create the details of the snowman’s face. Since this step is the most interesting part, take time to give a lively facial expression.

Once the paint is dry thoroughly, get a sock and roll it up until you get the desired height that doesn’t cover the face. After that, wear the sock on the top of the bottle to make a hat for the snowman. 

Cut a piece of fabric and glue to wrap around the snow. Then add a button onto the middle of the fabric to create a coat.

Finally, spruce the snowman up, cut a black tie out of paper, and stick it onto the “coat”. 

Let’s try making a snowman trio set.

How Can I Customize My Snowman Craft Made of Bottle?

This part brings a bunch of room for your incredible creativity! The cute thing about the glass bottle snowman is that it is welcome to customize. Take a look at the ideas below to make yours impressively unique!

  • Glue googly eyes
  • Add yarn or twine for the mustache.
  • Draw different facial expressions such as laugher, smile, or sleepy face.
  • Use other colored socks to make bobble hats or braid hair.
  • Stick additional items like lace, ribbon, felt, fabric to create different clothes.

With inexpensive supplies, your own limited edition of upcycled bottle snowman is in your hands. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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