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A pegboard is a drilled DIY hardboard used for organizing any space. However, when designed with LED letters, it can serve as a Marquee sign. 

Since it is made of high-density wood fibers, it is particularly strong, hard, and very durable.

Installing a pegboard in a home, nursery, or garage is an incredibly inexpensive project, although it does require detailed measurements, leveling, and wall brackets.

Supplies Needed

  • 2′ x 2′ piece of pegboard (My HD had 2’x4′ pieces and I had them cut it to the same length as is was wide, so that it was square)
  • 2 strings of lights (100 lights each string)
  • 2 6 foot long 1x3s
  • Paint
  • Tools: carpenter’s square, drill, Kreg Jig or wood glue and brad nailer
  • Glue gun

Step-by Step Tutorial

Here are steps to take to make a pegboard Marquee sign. 

Measure the area of ​​the wall where the pegboard will be installed. You must know the width and length of this area before purchasing the panel. 

Obtain a pegboard. You will find it in several different sizes, but a two by 2 feet pegboard will do.

If you want the exact size, an economical option would be to buy something larger and have the hardware store staff cut it for you to the desired size. 

Most hardware stores will do this for free or for a small fee. You also have the option of installing multiple pieces of pegboard along your wall.

Create your letter layout on the back of the pegboard. A pencil can be used to space out the letter.

As this is the back of the board, you have to draw and design the letters backward or invertedly. 

Drill holes for the light from the back of the pegboard based on the letters you’ve planned.

Next, make the frame for the sign with the 1×3’s.  Cut 2 pieces the same length as the pegboard.  

Then cut the other 2 pieces the length of the pegboard plus the 2 sides you just cut; these with overlap the first 2 pieces and create the square frame.

I used pocket holes to secure each corner, and a carpenter’s square to help ensure the frame was square.

Build a square framework inside which the pegboard will sit. You can drill pocket holes to ensure the frame is secure.

For stability, cut four small square woods while attaching them to all four corners of the frame. 

Recess the pegboard into the frame constructed. You can secure the board with brad nails into the frame. 

Find a paint color you would like to have on the panel.

The pegboards are sold in brown or white. If you prefer, you can also leave them as is.

You can make a camouflaged panel for a workshop or kitchen by painting your board the same color as the walls. 

You also can use spray paint to add more contrast to the panel.

Paint the panel a few days in advance outside or in the garage.

This will reduce the smell of the paint and make sure that the paint has dried before hanging anything.

Finally, you have to glue in the lights from the back, ensuring the bulbs are inserted into the holes.

When you insert each bulb into the holes, apply hot glue at the bulb’s plastic base in connection with the board.

You’ll have to hold the bulb for up to 60 seconds after applying glue.

What’s left is to mount the panel.

Have a super-duper creation!

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