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Do you need a fun and economical way to decorate your kitchen? Maybe you like plants and cannot seem to find space for large vases in your kitchen.

Introducing the vertical herb garden. It is a simple and economical way to bring life to your kitchen.

This simple DIY vertical herb garden is for new homeowners that want an inviting appeal to their kitchen or just anyone that loves experimenting with new designs. 

With just a few materials that cost less than $10, you can make this DIY garden for your kitchen.

Read on to discover all the materials and tools needed for building this garden. You will also find well-detailed steps to make your own Vertical kitchen Herb Garden.

Get your creative cap on and let’s make your kitchen look fabulous.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Vertical Garden

  • Small galvanized buckets (these were purchased in Target’s “dollar section” for $3)
  • Manila or other natural rope (not pictured below), cut into 22″ long pieces
  • 1×6″ board at 36″ long for 3 buckets
  • Desired paint or stain
  • Large construction/roofing nails, or robe hooks
  • Metal tags (the copper tags I used were also purchased in Target’s One Spot for $1 for 4)
  • Small potted herbs of your choice


  • Hammer
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Scrap wood


Step 1: Using the hammer and screwdriver, make two holes on opposite ends of the galvanized bucket. The holes should be made close to the open end of the bucket. 

Step 2: Prime the chalkboard. You can use chalk for this.

Step 3: Nail the board(s) with nails. This will serve as a hook for hanging the plants. After doing this, pick a spot on your kitchen wall to attach the board to it.

Step 4: Thread the rope through each hole you have made in the bucket. Do this from the outside and tie a knot around the edge. Ensure the rope is firmly in place.

Step 5:  With the herb of your choice properly placed in the bucket, hang it on the chalkboard using the hook you made earlier.

Note: You can paint or stain the wooden board to make it look more attractive and well with the kitchen wall. 

Follow these easy steps to make your own vertical kitchen herb garden.

Also, this rope and bucket idea can help you add more storage space to your kitchen or office. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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