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Your kitchen color scheme should harmonize the lighting. You don’t want a kitchen color that’s too dull or too bright; it has to be just right.

There are various colors available to choose from.

When it comes to colors that complement this kind of lighting, Amazing Gray SW 7044 comes to mind. 

It has been gaining popularity as a go-to gray and works well for homes with a neutral backdrop. 

Some regard it as the “true gray,” but I feel it is a bit warmer. The undertone can be described as a warm gray.

This color works well for a kitchen space. It can easily be contrasted with white to create a soft look. I can confirm the versatility of the amazing gray. It works great with almost any space.

Your kitchen cabinets, countertops, islands, and other kitchen furniture all play significant roles in how great your kitchen looks. 

If you choose the fantastic gray color for your kitchen area, you have to consider other colors that flow with this for your kitchen cabinets and other accessories.

I do love how well the nice gray looks like the main wall color. It looks light but also offers some depth. 

The monochromatic color scheme for the amazing gray includes Anonymous SW 7046, Felted Wool SW 9171, Porpoise SW 7047, and the Intellectual Gray SW 7045. 

All these colors work great as either the primary color or compliment.

Amazing Gray is not only a fit for the kitchen, but you can also use it for other rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. 

You can easily build the color scheme in your home around this fantastic color. It is also suitable for exteriors. 

There are other excellent colors you can consider for your kitchen space, one of which is the color Keystone Gray SW 7504. 

Due to its neutral quality, it works well with most spaces. This color can give your kitchen space a warmer look, very well complimenting the lighting. 

However, you should note that the Keystone Gray tends to make rooms look smaller.

Another excellent option for your kitchen area is the Greek Villa SW 755. This color is characterized by its creamy/whitish look. 

It can be used for the main kitchen wall and cabinets. You would love how great this color looks with the lighting. 

Consider using it alongside the amazing gray, and you can have yourself a Magazine-worthy kitchen space. 

The amazing gray can go on the main wall, while the Greek villa complements the kitchen cabinets. You cannot go wrong with this combination.

The above colors are excellent choices that go great with the lighting. You can always experiment with the colors until you find the best fit for your kitchen. 

A great way to confirm if any color fits your space is to use a Peel & Stick Paint Sample. 

With this, you can easily choose right there if any color matches.

You can drop your comment on other color options that could blend well with kitchen lighting.

Have a super-duper creation!

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