How to Paint a Turtle on a Rock

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Rock painting is not only fun but also therapeutic. You will be happier when you admire these hand painted turtle rocks. 

If you are looking for easy turtle painted rocks ideas, this tutorial is for you.

It’s ideal for spending time and grabbing your kids to join in the project together and teach them how to paint a turtle on a rock.

Turtle Painted Rock Ideas

Honestly, I adore rock painting designs. Hence, creating turtle painted rocks just makes sense. 

The design is perfect for making both adults and kids smile as it’s easy, fast, and fun. 

With simple supplies, some smooth rocks, and a bit of paint, the cute set of rock art turtles might have on your hand already. 

Supplies Needed

  • Smooth and clean rocks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Sealer (optional)

How to Paint a Turtle On A Rock Step-by-Step?

Since the creativity is endless, I came up with easy turtle rock paintings which are unique and custom to me. These fun, colorful turtles will cheer us up! 

I made a trio of turtles to share, but you obviously can make one or a dozen turtles made out of rocks if you want. 

Color the rock lime and give it time to dry. 

Tip: You need to paint two coats for the rock to give it decent coverage. Don’t forget to let the coats dry completely between painting sessions.

Next, sketch out a rough outline of a turtle doing a wheelie on a bike on the rock.

Tip: If you are confused about searching for turtle images, find them in the book’s children, comic books, or online.

Then draw the turtle you like on the paper and sketch the design onto your rock.

Use different sizes of paintbrushes. For the project, small brushes serve well for detailed work.

I prefer to start by painting the shell patterns. Create curved lines and make some dots for the shells.

I try to choose as many colored paints as possible to make the cute creature colorful.

Then, color the remaining details – the head, legs, and the bike.

Once the paint is dry, outline the design with a black marker to bold it.

Finally, seal the nice work with outdoor sealer.

The collection of turtles made out of rocks will be amazing with more fun designs.

​​What Paint is Best for Your Rock Art Turtle?

Craft, waterproof and acrylic paint is ideal for rocks. Most rocks painters prefer using acrylic paint over other kinds of paints as it comes with various cheap colors to search for. 

Besides, it is so easy to paint on rocks as it provides a thin consistency.

Preferably, you had better place two layers of acrylic paint to ensure the color is thick enough to cover the material.

Then remember to varnish to make your finished piece shiny and protect the painting. 

Tips for Beginner Easy Turtle Rock Painting

Firstly, not all of us have competence in the imagination of drawing and painting, so I prefer to sketch out my design in the sketchbook in advance. 

There are tons of lovely images from children’s books or online, which serve well for giving inspiration for the project.

Secondly, if you are not skillful enough to use acrylic paint combined with paintbrushes, paint pens and markers are the perfect choices. 

Thirdly, remember that you should choose the appropriate paint pens and markers that contain water-based paint. 

Since these paint pens and markers come in various sizes, you can easily choose the most suitable for you.

Finally, glossy sealer helps your finished work keep the rock’s original look.

Hence, find and use a weather-resistant sealer to protect your great piece of work. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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