How to Paint a Bee on a Rock

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A cute bee painted rock idea is definitely exciting to make. Have you ever been engaged in an activity of painting rocks yet? 

The tutorial will show you how to paint a bee on a rock for decoration. 

What a fun project, but still keep your wallet happy!

Cute Bee Painted Rock

I am obsessed with rustic material for making crafts.

It would be a pity to ignore rocks. How versatile they are to customize!

Even if you don’t have competence in drawing or painting, you also can make bee painted rocks that leave your personality on them. 

These are not only easy to create with cute looks but also cheap.

Collect some smooth and clean rocks and start joining the bandwagon of painting rocks with your kids.

Supplies Needed

  • Clean and smooth rocks
  • Acrylic paints
  • Markers
  • Medium paintbrush
  • Small paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sealer (optional)

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Create a Bee Rock Art

Use a medium paintbrush to cover the entire rock color base. Set it aside to dry completely.

Trace the bee with a pencil on the rock.

Select other acrylic paints and add details for the bee.

Once the design has been filled with color and dry, outline it with a black marker to help the design outstanding.

If you want to seal the finished result, applying a layer of varnish onto the rock evenly and lightly over the whole rock is optional. 

So great if you try making a bee concept art on rocks.

What Kind Of Rocks Can You Paint?

Since rocks are the key to the attractiveness of bee rock art, you need to ensure they are smooth, flat, and clean. 

You have no effort to grab available rocks everywhere.

So fun it is to look for them in your garden, on the road, or lakeshore in the town and get creative. 

In case you cannot get the supplies around your home or nearby, look for them at local craft stores, dollar stores, or for more convenience, visit online stores to purchase them.

What Can You Do With Bee Stones?

I love attaching natural elements to my home, so I set the easy bee acrylic painting on a rock on the mantle or shelf for decoration. 

In addition, why don’t you add cuteness to your garden by placing the bee stones in the garden along the walkway or around plants?

It also serves well as an impressive gift to give your beloved people on special occasions.

Because of those great purposes, let’s make “bee happy painted rock”!

Have a super-duper creation!

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