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In this post, we’ll share with you how a budget dresser makeover project turned out. You need about $15 to accomplish this project.

The old dresser was sourced from Craigslist for $10. 

The idea is to turn the junky $10 dresser into gorgeous dressers shelves with no drawers but open storage.

Firstly, the drawers were taken out, and the back made of particle board was taken out. The drawers slides were unscrewed.

A handsaw is then used to cut the crossbars at the back to remove them. The top trim at the front was removed, and only the bottom piece was retained.

Next, the old paint is stripped using Citri-strip, a biodegradable paint stripper. Six paint layers were stripped.

After the several paint layers are scraped off completely, you have to let the furniture dry out throughout the night, and the following day, you have to pick an orbit sander and sand the piece of furniture.

When that’s done, you need to install the shelves. This can be done by drilling pocket holes onto the ends by using a Kreg jig. The shelves are screwed to the dresser sides. 

To install the drawer slides, you just need to screw in a thick board of around 3/4 that the slides will be attached to. Get the sides to be perfectly level so they can slide well.

As for the finish, before painting, the furniture was stained with Minwax Dark Walnut. Devine Lightning white color was used for the painting. 

It takes around three coats of paint to cover the wood completely. Make sure you sand the wood completely clean before starting to paint.

To tape the dresser off, you can use FrogTape. You can also apply a finishing wax to protect the finish from scratches, weather, and other elements. 

That’s it! That’s how to redesign your dresser without spending a lot. This specific dresser has a lot of storage, and the finish is beautiful. 

It is a good project to follow for those looking to redesign their furniture without spending the worth of an arm and leg.

Have you ever repurposed a piece of junk furniture back into something beautiful like this? Would you be able to carry out this project?

You should find a lot of help with this article, and we hope you’ll be able to pull it off. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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