Fun Upcycled DIY Cat Craft

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Achoo! Achoo…! Your kids really love cats and wish to take care of them. Unfortunately, they are allergic to cute creatures. What should you do? Why don’t you grab them to join in making cat craft?

Thanks to the project, your kids stand a chance to engage in various incredible activities but still don’t worry about health problems. 

Even if you raise a kitty, it is much more exciting to add some extra joy to your home decoration as well as pretend play for your kids.

The cat-themed craft idea is super easy to make, and it doesn’t require much more than a small ball, gauge wire, and creativity. 

What You Need

  • Gauge wire
  • Small PVC ball (3″ diameter)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Colored paper
  • Pipe cleaner

Step by Step Tutorial DIY Cat Project for Kindergarten

Measure and cut 70 inches of zinc wire. Bend the wire into the cat’s skeleton

You can take more or less if you want to make a bigger or smaller cat. Start by bending the tail, two behind legs, back, two front legs, and finish at the neck.  

Note: To make it easier, you can also take three pieces of wire and twist them together to create its body, two front and two behind legs.

Next, you will take bubble wrap and fold it until the whole wire has been covered. 

Carry on with creating more cat figures wrapped in paper tape onto the skeleton of the cat.

The next thing you need to do is paint the entire body evenly using acrylic color. Use white to draw the cat’s claw. For me, I love to use navy blue to make my cat different.

Take a small ball and paint the same color with the body for the head. Set them aside to dry completely. Feel free to choose any color you like to customize your cat. 

Once the paint has dried, draw hair, eyes, nose, and mouth on the painted ball. Fold the straw in half and glue it onto the face’s cat to create whiskers. Cut out two tiny triangle shapes as ears and stick them on the top of the head.

Gently attach the head to the body and give them ample time to stick sturdily together.

Dress the cat up by adding a charming ribbon bow to the neck.

What Kind of Gauge Wire Should I Use for the Craft?

Craft wire comes in many different wire gauge sizes and metals. Ideal for making DIY cat decorations, you will have access to some craft wires which are versatile for kids to play with that provide custom supports. You can effortlessly pick the stuff from dollar stores or local craft stores. 

Here are a few more ideas to form the armatures of the cat. Aluminum, copper, and galvanized wire allow you to create bends and curves. 

Another thing you will have a concern about when you get wire for the project is the diameter of the wire, known as wire gauge. The higher the gauge, the finer the wire. 

Regarding the project, I collected some leftover 16 aluminum wires I already had at home to make a new life for my kitty cat craft. This serves well the wire bending design. 

However, remember that the easy project gives you plenty of wire gauge choices. The common wire sizes are 18 – 20 gauge as they aren’t too thin or thick and give a sturdy shape when making handmade.

Whatever metal or gauge you choose, make sure it’s soft and bendable so that little hands can participate in the creative activities. 

How Should I Customize My Cat?

We are accustomed to traditional cats having white, black, or yellow tones. However, such a fantastic idea to customize your cat with unique features! Forage your craft supplies a bit, a bulk of ideas will come to your mind. 

Let’s dig into more instructions and use other embellishments to give your cat a different personality.

  • Paint the cat with spots or colorful tone skin
  • Glue colored yarn or twine on the head
  • Stick painted eyeballs or googly eyes
  • Use foam paper or felt fabric to make a tie, bow, hat, and other accessories
  • Create a beads neck for the cat
  • Affix fake eyelashes to give a deep look 

What Can I Use This Craft for?

For the cat-themed craft idea, don’t think it’s just a simple kitty craft to tuck it into the shelf! Let your creativity thrive! The cat is so adorable that it can be incorporated into many well-purposes as well as occasions. 

  • Place it on a table for a baby shower or party decor, on the front porch as a welcome decoration, or on the kids’ shelf. 
  • Turn it into a personal gift to give beloved people on special occasions.
  • Put the cat next to other animals’ displays or dioramas. 
  • It’s great for homeschool lessons about educating animals. 
  • Join in pretend play or demonstrate lively as a character in stories for children.

Looking at the fun upcycled DIY car craft, I believe you will be inspired by other ideas that work well for this project.

Have a super-duper creation!

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