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When autumn arrives, it comes with the desire to change the atmosphere of the house. This is the most controversial season of the year. 

Some hate autumn simply because it takes away the beloved summer, and those who look forward to the first cool evenings, the colors of the woods, and the desire to start over. 

Autumn is by no means a melancholy season. On the contrary, it always reserves stimulating news. 

Speaking of news: with a few targeted touches and new prints, you can decorate your home in the “autumn version”. 

But what better budget decoration idea is there than by decorating your interior with the use of free printables. 

First up, check out these two prints designed in beautiful watercolor backgrounds.  

We really liked the way they are designed as they look like the sunlight streaming through the foliage in fall. 

The religious quotes remind us of the need to give thanks for all the blessings life offers despite the circumstances. 

The colorfulness and brightness at fall remind everyone to focus on all the positives and remind us of how blessed we are. 

The printables will give a beautiful color pop to your autumn decorations. You can add these orange and yellow prints for some fall flair. 

The prints are small in size. You can find both versions in 5 x 7-inch size and another orange print in 4 x 6 inches.

Instructions on Saving and Printing

Click the picture so you’ll be taken to a page where you have its full size. 

Right-click the image using a computer, and you will get the option of saving the image. 

If you’re using a Mac, hold the “control” down while at the same time clicking the image and saving it to the computer. 

Open the image with a photo program of your choice and print the image in the size you want. But we don’t recommend printing the images larger than in the uploaded sizes. 

5 x 7 inches portrait
4 x 6 inches landscape
5 X 7 inches landscape

Have a super-duper creation!

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