Adorable Eggshell Reindeer Picture for Christmas Decoration

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Winter is coming to town, and it’s high time to spruce up your corner to welcome the beloved season. Obviously, reindeer crafts for Christmas are a must if you have an intention for seasonal winter decor. 

While I could throw the so-called waste away, I love the idea of reusing for something adorable. Customizing your own eggshell reindeer picture is an easy way to add tons of grace to your home in the winter in general and the Christmas Holiday in particular. 

It is not only an environmentally-friendly product because of being made from upcycled materials but also a kid-friendly craft. 

Eggshell Reindeer Picture for Christmas Holiday

To be frank, upcycled material for home decoration is my cup of tea. Some people see eggshells, cardboard paper, and twigs, whereas I realize an incredible treasure for my creative activities. 

The creativity reflects the harmonious combination of natural touches and rustic materials, resulting in a warm and cozy atmosphere that will suit your winter-themed decorative favorite. 

Cute, simple, and easy-to-make DIY craft like this is terrific for those unwinding winter nights by the mantle. Disguise your own craft and show us how it turns out!

What Kind of Eggshell Should I Get for a Homemade Reindeer?

You can use any kind of egg as this is a decoration to customize your personality. There is no doubt the craft can be made of any eggshell available at home as long as you feel happy with your unique idea. 

However, chicken eggshells are more commonly used than turkey, duck eggs, or quail eggs since I firmly believe that chicken eggs are a common food served daily. It takes no effort to grab them for your embellishment. 

In case you have no time to empty the eggs, or it’s pretty complicated to prepare them, you should pick plastic eggs up from the dollar stores or craft stores for your custom design.

Plus, optimizing other alternative supplies that are closely akin to eggs is also a good choice.

How to Empty an Egg for Decorating without Cracking It?

  1. Place a tiny piece of tape on both the top and the bottom of the egg.
  2. Utilize any object having a pointed tip, like a needle or thumbtack, to poke a small hole about 3mm in the egg’s top through the tape. 
  3. Also, flip the egg over to pierce a larger hole about 7mm in diameter in the bottom. 
  4. Use a toothpick or straightened-out paperclip and gently swirl inside the egg to break the yolk up.
  5. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow through the small hole of the top to push contents out of the bottom.
  6. Rinse the eggshell with soapy water or vinegar and leave it dry completely to start decorating.

What You Need

  • Empty eggshell
  • Twig
  • Popsicle stick
  • Cardboard paper
  • White paper 
  • Acrylic paint
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pruning shears 
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Hanging strip

Step Tutorial for DIY Christmas Reindeer Decorations

Trace a 10×8 rectangle shape on the cardboard paper.

Use the utility knife or scissors to cut the rectangle shape out of the cardboard paper.

Cut another smaller rectangle shape 8×6 out of the white paper and glue it on the top of the bigger rectangle shape to create the picture’s background.

Glue twigs around the rectangle board to make its frame. Place it onto the corner and continue the work till it covers all of the frame. Don’t let the twigs overlap the small rectangle. 

To make a fence for the picture, trim the popsicle sticks 2.5.

Paint the red color onto the trimmed popsicle sticks and set them aside to dry.

Glue the popsicle sticks to create the fence for the picture.

Use another popsicle stick to write Christmas wishes horizontally. Then attach it to the center of the fence.

Use a black marker to draw faces for eggshells.

Affix the twigs onto eggs to create reindeers’ horns. Do the same with all three eggshells. 

Apply the three eggshells on the top of the fence.

Once you have it completed, attach picture hanging strips to the behind of the craft and apply it to the wall desired.

How Else Can I Customize My Reindeer Picture?

All you need to do is follow my tutorial and show it to people. However, the interesting part of creating your custom reindeer picture is that no two are identical.

There are often various ways of collecting ornaments available around the holidays that can also be used for the project.

  • Customize your reindeer by adding funny faces or other facial expressions
  • Use beans to form eyes and add small bobbles to create noses for the reindeers. 
  • Make some scarf out of ribbon or yarn to glue right below the reindeers’ heads.
  • Add tiny shimmery snowflakes to create a falling snow background.
  • Glue rustic materials like dried leaves or paper flowers to decorate the frame of the picture. 

How to Display My Picture?

Display the picture somewhere as long as this gives a nice visual and adds to the depth of the picture.

It would be nice if you hang the craft on the wall in the living room or sitting room with a Winter themed print or Christmas wishes. Attach the picture with a string to hang it. 

If there are no available nails for hanging, making a heavier cardboard stand piece for the picture then placing it on the mantle or desk with sparkling led light is also a great idea.

Wherever you are decorating it in your home, for sure, the little cheerful reindeer picture like this one is definitely a big hit. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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