Easy DIY Hatching Dinosaur Egg Craft from Cardstock 

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Is your kid a big fan of dinosaurs? Are they excited about seeing dinosaurs hatching out of eggs?

I believe that it is definitely a rite of passage for children to create hatching dinosaur egg craft from cardstock paper. Hence, the idea is sure to be a huge hit.

It is not special to an event or holiday, but it brings great fun to make and is perfect for kids to get involved in. 

What a fantastic project since it is ideal for playing pretend or using it as decoration. Using simple supplies, this is an easy dollar store project and cheap craft for keeping kids happy while also giving your favorite cute creature into your crafting collection!

What Kind of Paper is Best for Making Dinosaurs Hatching from Eggs?

Since the most important thing of the idea is to give the dinosaur a sturdy stand, basic colored cardstock serves successfully for the project. 

What’s more? Construction paper also has the right thickness for the craft. Besides, this kind of paper is commonly used for working with kids because it is not only durable but also cheap to purchase. 

If using corrugated cardboard, bear in mind that it is thicker and harder to fold as well as cut neatly, especially for tiny hands’ kids.

One more thing I would like you to avoid is thin paper as it is not durable enough to give a strong base for the item. So, the dinosaur looks flimsy and is easy to fall over.

Be creative with what you have on your hand, but you need to pay attention to its appearance too! 

Ways to Customize My Dinosaur Egg Cracking?

The most interesting part of making baby dinosaur eggs is that no two are identical.

There are lots of ways to create them on your own and more impressive. Use other colored papers for the skin tone of the dinosaur and egg that match your favorite. 

The face is absolutely what makes it fun. Consider adding smiles, frowns, and other expressions. You even can stick accessories such as a bow, hat, or a pair of glasses to make your dinosaur unique. 

Whatever you customize, it all comes down to creating fun. Just personalize your dinosaur with different features you love.

What You Need

  • Cardstock paper
  • Black and white markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape/ glue

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make a Dinosaur out of Paper?

To make the dinosaur egg craft base, fold a piece of paper in half and then draw a semi-circle on it.

Cut the folded semi-circle out of the paper.

Trace a zig-zag pattern on the top line to make a cracked egg. Don’t draw jagged lines till the edges.

Make a zig-zag cut to create a dinosaur egg base. 

Take a pink-colored cardstock to draw a baby dino on the paper and cut it out.

Decorate the dinosaur’s face by drawing its nose and teeth. It’s funnier to add a pair of sunglasses to it. Then make a tail, thorns, and legs.

Affix the dinosaur inside of the egg.

Stick the two feet at the front of the egg so that it looks like the dinosaur is popping out by cracking the egg.

The dinosaur is now complete.

Let’s try out other adorable dinosaurs.

What Can Kids Do with Dinosaurs Hatching out of Eggs?

I love how baby dinosaurs look cute enough to offer a bulk of options once the project is finished. Let kids use baby dinosaurs in eggs as puppets for pretend play. 

There are more fun ideas to enclose as a gift instead of a card. Moreover, such a wonderful plan to write secret wishes into the inside of the eggs. The recipient must be surprised at your care.

I am also fond of using hatching dinosaur egg craft as a part of child’s room decoration. How lovely the idea is to place the dinosaur in a shadowbox and put it onto a shelf to show off their work. This makes the craft an amazing addition to animal themes. 

So fancy it is if using it to embellish for a kid party or baby shower. Add it as a centerpiece to the party table with other gorgeous ornaments.

There are various ways your children can have a lot of fun with DIY dinosaur eggs. No matter what you do with them, just make sure your kids learn how much you love the crafts and how eager you are when carrying out the project together.

Have a super-duper creation!

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