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We’ll see how to make a Cap’N Crunch Halloween costume this time around. Originally, Cap’N Crunch was a cereal brand owned by the Quaker Oats Company. 

But the cereal’s mascot, Captain Horatio Magellan, has found a way into the heart of Halloween costume creatives. 

And here we are, trying to craft the full custome from hat to trim and jacket.


You can use the pattern for a chef uniform for the jacket. An example is the pattern for McCall’s 2233 Chef Uniform. It comes in different sizes. 

You just need to adjust the size to fit whoever you’re making it for. 

Add a few inches to the collar height and make the edges square. Sew a velcro syrup as the jacket closure.


You need a sheet of yellow and white felt for the accents and the trims. Use the yellow felt to make the large circle buttons. 

Use 5/8th inches yellow ribbon to make trims on the jacket’s sleeves. As for the shoulder pads, cut circles from the foam pad and hot glue them on the shoulders.

The Hat

You can make the hat in two layers of the foam chair pad. Decide the measurements for the hat based on your head size. 

You need to make two identical pieces for making both the back and front of the hat. Then glue it together around the edges. 

Trace out and cut blue felt, which you’d need to cover the back and front of the hat. The top should also be covered in blue felt too. 

Then you have to attach the “C” yellow felt as well as the eyebrows with white felt. 


Get or make a pair of leggings in white. Get black boots tops over black shoes and add a giant white mustache. 

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