Cute Snowman Christmas Decorations DIY

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You might be accustomed to the snowman made of bottles, socks, or wood. 

So have you ever come up with an idea to create an adorable snowman from palm-leaf conical hats? If you have, you have done a magical uniqueness! 

It is not only snowman craft ideas for preschoolers but also for adults who have hands. 

Ideally, let your kid take part in the project together, and you will know how fun and memorable the craft is. 

Snowman Christmas Decorations DIY Made of Non La Vietnamese Hat

I bought the non la conical hats since I was interested in and impressed by them when I had a Vietnam trip years ago. 

I would love to turn the beloved stuff into a fabulous Christmas snowman wall decor for this Christmas plan.

In any way or appearance, for me, they are still special items to display. 

What You Need

  • Conical hat 7.5″ diameter
  • Conical hat 11.5″ diameter
  • Small PVC ball
  • Twine
  • Acrylic paint
  • Fabric
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Start by painting the entire outside of the two conical hats white. To ensure the hats are covered nicely with paint, apply the second layer on the hats when the first layer has totally been dried.

Next, after using a black marker and acrylic paint to create a face for the snowman on the smaller conical hat, add buttons on the bigger one by drawing circles, squares, and triangles.

Cut a piece of twine 5″ in length, create a loop, and connect each side of the loop to the two conical hats. This serves as a neck for the craft. 

Take four balls to form the hands and legs of the snowman. Paint the balls with half green and another half red. 

Once all four balls have been dried, cut two pieces of twine in 24″ in length and another two pieces in 10″.

Tie a loop knot in each twine and attach them to every ball. 

Then, glue four balls with twines to the back of the larger palm-leaf conical hat to make their hands and legs. Note that the shorter ones will be hands, and the longer ones will be legs.

​​Let’s move to another step to give the snowman a hat. Cut out a circle 2″ diameter, a 1.5″ wide strip of red craft paper.

Glue the strip around the circle’s edge to make a top hat. Use the top circle to draw a second circle on craft paper. 

Draw on another circle 1″ outside that circle. Cut the circle out and cut the middle out of that circle. This gives the brim of the hat. Stick the brim into the hat. 

Cut a length of the ribbon and wrap it around the hat to create a bow. 

Use a piece of fabric and tie it around the neck of the snowman for a scarf.

Finally, glue a twine loop to the top of the snowman for hanging.

What Can I Use for Snowman’s Hands and Legs?

If you don’t have twine and balls in your hands, be versatile! To add hands and legs, get yarn or ribbon gluing with pom pom or wood slices.

Besides, in case you love to add a rustic look to the DIY snowman door decoration, do not hesitate to embellish it with twigs to form its hands and legs.

Tips for Personalizing Your Snowman Holiday Decor

This must be the part you are waiting for. Let’s think outside the box, and the ideas below might match your mind.

  • Add other types of eyes, noses, and mouths for it. Get googly eyes, pom pom for the nose, and instead of making a goofy looking, turn it into a smiling or laughing face. 
  • Stick different items such as beads, buttons, or sequins as buttons on the body.
  • Dress your snowman up with a tie, bowtie, or bobble hat.
  • ​​Apply nontraditional colors. Why not? Don’t just set your mind that white, red, and green are typical colors for Christmas. Try differentiating your personalized snowman Christmas decoration with more colorful colors for fun!

Can I Use Round-Shaped Supplies Instead?

Yes, absolutely you can! If you love the palm-leaf conical hats I grab to make the craft; you can easily get them from various online stores. 

However, any round-shaped supplies can be used for snowman Christmas door decorating ideas. 

In case you do not have conical hats, there are some alternatives you can consider, such as round woven baskets and round basket trays. Oftentimes, you can get them at craft stores or dollar stores as well.

Round straw hats and round-shaped wood are also good choices that would work nicely in the craft. Let your imagination flourish as creativity has no right or wrong.

Have a super-duper creation!

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