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Continuing with fall decoration crafts from the previous posts, today’s DIY craft I’m sharing is about making a chalkboard autumn banner. 

The craft, as always, is quite inexpensive and relatively easy to make.

You just need the versatility and charm of chalkboard and your old nostalgic book pages.

Things You Will Need to Make the Banner

  • Old book pages – there’s no need to tear up a new or priceless book.

Tip: You can use a paperback from the years gone by that is worth nothing to you. Doesn’t really matter if the books are now yellow or brown. They just need to be intact and in reusable condition. 

  • Baker’s twine, Jute twine, yarn, or ribbon
  • White chalkboard marker 
  • White chalk 
  • Glue stick or tape 
  • Pen and scrap paper or card stock for tracing 
  • Hole puncher
  • Small chalkboard buntings

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Before making the banner, make a template you can use for tracing your book pages.

Trace the template on the book pages. You’ll need six for the banner. Cut the book pages out. 

Prime the bunting by running the chalk over so as to give it a chalkboard look. Next, erase with your fingers or paper towels. 

Apply some glue or tape to the book page or the bunting (at the back). It’s easier lining the bunting when you’ve applied the tape at the back 

Line the bunting up with your book page while pressing down firmly. 

At each corner, punch some holes and write some letters with your chalk marker. Then thread with ribbon and twine. 

What’s next is to hand the banner and enjoy the view and decor. You can hang it on your mantel, bookshelf, buffet, dresser, shelf, or any decorative item.

Now admire your adorable work!

Have a super-duper creation!

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