How to Paint a Ladybug Rock

how to paint a ladybug rock

Are you looking for an easy animal painting for beginners? Great! DIY painted ladybug rocks have become in vogue to rock painters.  Hence, I have made up my mind to make ladybug rocks for the garden. These designs are simple to create but still have a wow factor. Then I … Read more

How to Paint a Dog on a Rock


The adorable dog painted rock is definitely an amazing project to join.  By using some rocks and acrylic paint, you and your kids can easily create so cute four-legs friends to play with.  Let’s dive into the post to explore how to paint a dog on a rock! Easy Dog … Read more

How to Paint a Fish on a Rock

How to Paint a Fish on a Rock

Summer is coming, and you need ideas to make kids have fun. Going swimming, camping, or fishing are all incredibly fantastic activities.  However, if you want to stay at home but still enjoy the summer vibe with your kid, the fish rock painting idea is an amazing project that will … Read more

How to Paint a Turtle on a Rock

How to Paint a Turtle on a Rock

Rock painting is not only fun but also therapeutic. You will be happier when you admire these hand painted turtle rocks.  If you are looking for easy turtle painted rocks ideas, this tutorial is for you. It’s ideal for spending time and grabbing your kids to join in the project … Read more

How to Paint an Owl on a Rock

owl rock painting ideas

If you haven’t thought of owl rock painting ideas, it is the time for you now. What a gorgeous project to carry out!  This easy owl painted rocks activity doesn’t require expensive supplies. Just some smooth rocks and paint, you are effortless to get nice guys as decorations everywhere.  If … Read more

How to Paint a Frog on a Rock

easy beginner easy frog rock painting

This easy beginner easy frog rock painting is great for those who love frogs.  Using nothing but some easy-to-find supplies and creativity, an adorable and fun rock frog will spruce up your home, garden, and entryway. Also, as it involves painting, it is ideal for kids to get involved. Then … Read more

How to Paint a Bee on a Rock


A cute bee painted rock idea is definitely exciting to make. Have you ever been engaged in an activity of painting rocks yet?  The tutorial will show you how to paint a bee on a rock for decoration.  What a fun project, but still keep your wallet happy! Cute Bee … Read more

How to Paint a Dragonfly on a Rock


No matter what season it is, these simple dragonfly painted rocks are definitely fun to create.  I make a trio of painted dragonfly rocks for sharing with you in the project. However, creativity is endless, so you can make one or a dozen.  If you love the inexpensive but whimsical … Read more

How to Paint a Cat on a Rock


If you are fond of cats as much as I am, you will be excited to explore how to paint a cat on a rock.  Like the previous fun upcycled DIY cat craft, this design is such an unsophisticated dollar store project and does not require a lot of supplies.  … Read more