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The kitchen floor usually gets messy if you have to reach for a towel after doing the dishes. 

I got this idea on converting the drawers under the sink into a towel bar. 

All you need to do is attach a towel bar to the drawers. Here you can hang your towels, making them very easy to reach anytime you need one.

There are different styles of towel rails available to choose from. Make a choice based on your preference and ensure it’s the right size for the drawer.

How to Make Cabinet Towel Bar

Step 1: Position the rail on the drawer, make sure it is perfectly centered. Then mark out the holes

Step 2: Pre-drill the holes

Step 3: Attach the rail to the drawer with screws.

I believe it will change your dishwashing experience.

Some Other Kitchen Hacks You Should Try

1. DIY Charging Station

You can create a charging station in your kitchen with just a few items. All you need is a rail with hooks, a wire basket, and flatware caddies.

Attach the rail below a socket in your kitchen. Hang the wire basket and put in it a flatware caddy for added support. You now have yourself a nice charging station.

2. DIY Trash Bag Organization

Here is a simple way to organize your trash bags. This can easily be done under the sink. All you need is a wall bracket and a wood dowel.

Pass the wood dowel through the hole in the trash bag roll. Next, attach the wall bracket and place the wood dowel on it.

With this, you can keep your trash bags organized all in one place and within easy reach.

3. DIY Foil Storage 

Keep your foil papers handy with this easy-to-make aluminium foil holder. It is clever, right? You can keep rolls of foil paper in the box compartment.

4. DIY Tension Rod Organizer

Why waste all the extra space under your kitchen sink. Use this DIY technique to create extra storage space under your sink.

All you need is a Tension rod. Fix this below the sink and ensure you leave some space between the countertop and the rod.

You can then go ahead to hang bottles such as sanitizers, washing soap, etc., on the rod.

With these simple DIY kitchen hacks, you can keep your kitchen organized and make all you need handy. 

Tools and materials required for these hacks can easily be gotten at home or bought for low prices at the store.Hope you find these kitchen hacks helpful. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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