DIY Bee Craft Decoration Idea from Egg for Easter


Most people might be accustomed to turning eggs into rabbits or chickens on Easter Day. For me, I suppose the spring atmosphere will become much greater when a party is thrown in the garden with Easter egg decorations craft. The DIY bee craft gives not only a ton of adorableness … Read more

Lovely DIY Bird Feeders from Plastic Bottles


Are you looking for an innovative method to reduce your carbon footprint by upcycling your plastic bottles? Why not try this DIY bird feeder from a plastic bottle.  As I believe that kids love birds, the easy bird feeder craft for preschoolers is perfect for carrying out.  Plus, most of … Read more

Cute Snowman Christmas Decorations DIY


You might be accustomed to the snowman made of bottles, socks, or wood.  So have you ever come up with an idea to create an adorable snowman from palm-leaf conical hats? If you have, you have done a magical uniqueness!  It is not only snowman craft ideas for preschoolers but … Read more

Cute and Easy Upcycled Bottle Snowman


Are you a sucker for Christmas crafts? If you say “YES”, then the upcycled bottle snowman project is for you. Instead of throwing glass bottles away, I come up with an idea to give them a new life.   Gathering kids to create the snowman craft provides the project with much … Read more

Fun Upcycled DIY Cat Craft


Achoo! Achoo…! Your kids really love cats and wish to take care of them. Unfortunately, they are allergic to cute creatures. What should you do? Why don’t you grab them to join in making cat craft? Thanks to the project, your kids stand a chance to engage in various incredible … Read more

Annabelle Homemade Hair Bow Holder


“Annabelle! Annabelle! Annabelle! Do you move all my bow?” said my niece. Are you looking for hair bow hanger ideas that not only organize hair bows and clips but also give a ton of deep impressions?  The homemade hair bow holder is a perfect choice for you. Rather than being … Read more

Easy Baby Jesus Ornament Craft


Christmas is such an enjoyable time for children. Why don’t you spend time with kids to make DIY ornaments to celebrate the Nativity? When it comes to easy Christmas crafts, for sure, you will fancy this way to reuse upcycled fabric from your old clothes. There is no doubt Baby … Read more


It’s finally time for another Home Depot Monthly Gift Challenge!  Each month we choose an item from the Home Depot and make a gift for someone.  It’s really fun to come up with new and different ideas and use your creativity to make something someone will love.  You can check … Read more