16 Fun Animal Rock Painting Ideas to Inspire Beginners

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How long haven’t you taken a trip to the zoo because of the current pandemic? And you are the one who has a great connection with animals.

However, what if it is impossible to go and see them live? I came up with the idea that sticking the images of the creatures on the rock is a real love toward them.

Here, you will explore the list of animal rock painting ideas for beginners. Plus, you are inspired how to paint animals on rocks.

Whatever kind of animal your kids are interested in, I’ve shown you various awesome ideas bringing more fun. 

Then grab your kids, and let’s pretend to spend a day at the zoo with these animals!

16 Ideas of  Easy Animal Painting for Beginners

1. Easy Owl Painted Rocks

Are you fond of owls and other art that is inspired by the owl? Then the owl rock painting ideas will make you feel satisfied.

With the easy step-by-step owl painting tutorial, you can easily create eye-catching owls that are custom to your personality.

The cute night-birds will not only give tons of charming accents to your home decoration but also serve well as nice gifts for owl lovers.

2. Frog Painted Rock Images

Spruce up your garden as well as the sidewalk of the backyard with frog painted rocks

If you are still confused about where you should start the fabulous project, let’s take a deeper look at the frog painted rock images.

Then you will learn how fun the activity is when you can create your own cute creatures.

3. Cute Bee Painted Rock

Children are going to adore the little cute bees and you will like how simple the bee stones are to create. 

The bees are the most beloved character in the crafting theme and are really popular worldwide.

Hence, easy bee acrylic painting on rock is a piece of decor added to your need list. 

4. Hand Painted Turtle Rocks

The fantastic trio of easy turtle painted rocks is worth trying since they will bring a stylish touch to your cute rock painting animals collection.

Let’s create amazing crafts made of rock by using your custom embellishments and acrylic paint. 

This project will fascinate kids from evolving in the activity of rock art animals to getting the finished work.

5. Simple Cat Rock Painting

Another way to show your love for your lovely kitty is to save it on the rock. Stare at simple cat rock painting and get inspired. 

Obviously, with some smooth rocks and acrylic paint, it is such a fascinating beginner animal rock painting project perfect for kids.

6. Painted Dragonfly Rocks


Do you have a specific love for this cute flying insect? Then the simple dragonfly painted rocks are what I recommend you to show your love

Once kids follow the dragonfly painting tutorial, they not only learn how to paint a dragon on a rock but also stand a chance to play with a world of colors. 

7. Dog Painted Rocks

One of the simple rock painting ideas you shouldn’t ignore is how to paint a dog for beginners

Also, how great the design is since this is the way you can keep you company when you are at home. 

Let’s create loyal friends with your endless possibilities to try. 

8. Rocks Painted Like Fish

Do you get inspired when seeing fish painted rocks swimming? 

And if you are looking for some fabulous inspirations for painting animals on rocks, you should check out these fish rock painting ideas

The project is an excellent activity for little ones to take part in as it helps stimulate their creativity and imagination.

9. Easy Ladybug Painted Rocks

Are you sorting out how to paint a ladybug rock but love to start with something easy?

The decorative painted ladybug rocks ideas are perfect for you! 

It just requires simple painting techniques with your creativity; then, the great work is in your hands. 

Hence, do a nice transformation to add the cute insects in the garden! Take a look at craftsbyamanda for details.

10. Birds Painted On Rocks 

The combination of rocks and acrylic paint provides various rooms for your creativity! 

Bird rock art is one of the great ideas worth a try.

Don’t be surprised since the craft does not require many supplies but rocks, paint, and your imagination to finish the design.

Have access to the tutorial at ​​empressofdirt and learn how to make it.

11. Hedgehog Painted Rocks

There are numerous crafts to make with the painted stone animals, and you definitely can turn your rocks into cute hedgehogs.

If you love the hedgehog, these adorable creatures are a must.

Take a look at easypeasyandfun for a detailed tutorial.

12. Adorable Bunny Painted Rock

You will love the bunny painted rock and how cute it looks around the flowers. 

Collect a river stone that matches the body of the rabbit. Then add paints and seal the design with a layer of sealant. 

If you are also looking for DIY easter bunny decorations for your home indoors and outdoors, glance at fabercastell for more details.

13. Painted Rocks With Butterflies

Another inspirational beginner animal rock painting is butterfly painted rock. 

This project is suitable for both adults and kids. So why don’t you spend time together to create these butterflies to spruce up your home with spring-themed decorations?

Access to rockpainting101 so that it will offer you the instruction of easy butterfly rock painting

14. Elephant Painted Rocks

If you are a big fan of wildlife animals, this elephant painted rock is here for you. 

The easy-to-follow tutorial will teach children how to paint an elephant on a rock at home. 

Get busy with your kids and create amusing rock art by spending time learning step-by-step instruction at rockpaintingworkshops.

15. Painted Mouse Rocks

Does the funny mouse cheer you up? This painted mouse on rock is a nice combination of rock, felt, and googly eyes.

The unique piece of art not only will be perfect for decoration but also work well as a whimsical gift. 

For details, step-by-step guide on how to paint, check it at iheartcraftythings.

16. Squirrel Painted Rock

If you are looking for fall-themed decorations, this lovely squirrel rock painting will inspire you so that you can create your own. 

Go straight into the squirrel painted rock tutorial at ilovepaintedrocks, you will get some useful tips for how to paint this cute creature.

You Can Do Your Best!

Try filling your collection of stone art with these 16 fun animal rock paintings. 

Regarding the recommended list of how to make rock animals above, the post will help you find ways to show your love for those cute creatures. 

Then you will realize that painting animals on rocks is certainly a fascinating adventure. 

Have a super-duper creation!

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