15 Awesome 4th of July Handprint Crafts

4th of july handprint crafts

The Fourth of July is a special time to celebrate the birth of our nation, and these 4th of July handprint crafts are a great way to get the whole family involved in a creative activity.

There are plenty of creative and fun ways to incorporate handprints into Fourth of July decorations and crafts. In this article, well be exploring ideas for handprint crafts, as well as the materials youll need to make them.

So, if youre looking for a fun way to get your family involved in celebrating the Fourth of July, read on to see some great ideas for handprint crafts that will be sure to make your holiday celebrations even more memorable.

4th of July Handprint Flag

We love this one by Shower of Roses. All you need is some red and blue paint and a white piece of paper. Kids dip their hands in blue paint to create the “star” section of the flag, and red stripes are painted on to complete the rest of the flag. Cute and easy!

Handprint Fireworks

Just like the first craft, all you need is red and blue paint to make these fireworks come alive. A handprint forms the center of a firework and painted lines form the firework’s burst. Check out Ava’s Alphabet for the tutorial.

Patriotic Handprint Gnomes

Looking for a 4th of July handprint craft that’s a little less messy? Then check out this paint-free one by Our Kid Things, which uses paper instead of paint. Handprints are cut out of colored cardboard paper and made into patriotic gnomes. Cute & different!

American Eagle

American flags aren’t the only symbol of our nation. This craft by Easy Peasy & Fun uses handprints to form the wings of an eagle. If you have older kids, they might like to try the Uncle Sam version on the same page.

Patriotic Handprint Flag

This is a variation of the first idea in that the flag is painted on the entire hand. Your artistic kids will love covering their full hand in paint and seeing their creation come to life on the paper. Check out b-inspired mama for this craft idea.

Handprint Wreath

This handprint wreath makes it easy to display your children’s artwork after it’s dey, plus it serves as some festive home decor. Now that’s what we call a win win.

Flagpole Handprints

How cute are these little handprint flags attached to a popsicle stick? All you need is colored construction paper and some popsicle sticks. You could even have your kids color in their hands if all you have is white paper.

American Flag Heart

In this craft, two handprints are formed into the shape of a heart and painted like the American flag. Try adding it to a brown paper bag and heading outdoors for a festive 4th of July picnic!

Festive Handprint Eagle

Here we’ve got another eagle craft, which might be better for smaller kids than the first one. Pull out any star stamps and stickers you might have lying around to add even more festive cheer.

Sparkly Handprint Fireworks

Do your kids love glitter? Then they’re going to love this sparkly handprint fireworks craft. All you need is some paint, glitter, paper plates, glue, ribbons, hole punches, and some craft glue.

Handprint Flag T-Shirts

Sure, you could go to Old Navy and buy a new 4th of July t-shirt… or you could make your own AND keep your kids busy at the same time. Check out how easy and cute they are on Life With My Littles.

Patriotic Hands

We love how these patriotic hands are just that–hands–wearing a red and white striped sleeve with a blue cuff. Super cute and festive!

Statue of Liberty Handprint Art

We love how Lady Liberty’s flame is replaced with a handprint cutout in this craft by Simple Everyday Mom. There’s a free printout included too.

Uncle Same Popsicle Stick Handprint Craft

You need this Uncle Sam craft in your life! Handprints form his epic ‘stache in this craft that uses popsicle sticks, paint, and stick-on eyes.

Handprint Paper Flag

Another handprint, another flag. Yet in this craft, the handprint is holding out 4 fingers for a really unique way to represent the holiday.

We hope you enjoyed this list of 4th of July handprint crafts! Let us know if you’d like more 4th of July craft ideas in the comments below, and please pin this article if you liked it!