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Good morning and happy Sunday!

Ready for a new week?  What DIY projects do you have in the works right now??

I am in the process of decorating the walls of my bedroom, bathroom and my son’s nursery, so I have been looking around the www for other cute printables.

Last week I shared a free printable I made for my bathroom.  

I recently put together a clipboard of some of the prettiest and/or most practical free printables on Hometalk.  

Are you following The Domestic Heart on Hometalk?  Not on Hometalk?  Well, you should be!

Essentially, its the Pinterest of all things home and garden.  

You can browse others’ posts and projects, and clip them to your own clipboards, similar to Pinterest boards.  It’s pretty sweet!

You can see my clipboard, and follow me, by clicking on the picture below.  

You can also set up your account and share your own projects or ask questions of the Hometalk community.  

There are some really great ideas from some of these Hometalk members, so be sure to check it out!

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