{Simple & Cheap} DIY CHALK PAINT Recipe & Project

Chalk Paint Collage

If you have been on Pinterest sometime in the last year, you’ve probably heard of chalk paint.  It’s popular for its ease of use and unique chalky finish that seems to make almost anything look good painted.  No more worries about paint lines and weird sticky spots on your painted surfaces. Its pretty awesome! However, if you look online to purchase chalk paint you may be surprised by how expensive it can be. Today I’m sharing a super easy, simple, and cheap way to make your own chalk paint, along with a recent project.

To get us started, here are a few examples of adorable chalk-painted items from throughout blogland:


The Happy Housie Mason Jars


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Red Chair

E Creative Living Red Painted Chair



Doodles and Stitches Piano



In My Own Style Sideboard


And here are a few of my own chalk paint projects in which I’ve used the recipe I’m sharing today.  Most of these are from my son’s nursery (nursery post coming soon!).  Every piece in his nursery was either mine as a kid, an antique, a hand-me-down, or a thrift store find.:

Apple Green antique dresser from The Domestic Heart

Changing table from antique dresser

Chalk Paint recipe from The Domestic Heart

Old mirror from my room as a kid.  Paint is Martha Stewart Heavenly Blue + chalk paint recipe

Antique dresser revival with apple green chalk paint from The Domestic Heart

Antique dresser changing table painted in Martha Stewart Calabash + chalk paint recipe

Chalk Paint recipe from The Domestic Heart

Side table was mine as a kid


This is my mother-in-law’s sideboard that she painted with this chalk paint recipe. The colors is Satin Pillow I believe.

Ready to get started?   Here we go!

chalk paint recipe


Gather your supplies.


Supplies needed for project: Latex paint, plaster of paris, water, measuring cup, container, dedicated “paint fork,” paint brush, and clear furniture wax


This is my chalk paint project today. Its a little vintage side table I’m going to use in the bathroom I’m remodeling (post on this soon)


I used my Makita orbital sander {love} with 80 grit paper to rough up the surface and remove some weird wax the table top had on it.


Measure out your water and plaster and mix together


Add your paint and mix well. This color is Martha Stewart Sea Glass


Our chalk paint is ready for action! I poured some back into the original container, as it was a lot smaller and easier to get a pain brush in and out.


Not too thick, not too runny


A few tips about this recipe:

~Definitely make sure you mix your plaster and water well before adding your paint

~I recommend having a dedicated fork for stirring your chalk paint

~Only make one color at a time.  If you mix your plaster and water and then wait a few minutes it will start to harden.  Once this happens, even if you stir it up again and add your paint, it will not keep as long.  It will begin to harden, even in a sealed container.

~Store in a temperate area out of direct sunlight

~If your paint seems too thick just add a little extra water by the tablespoon.  I like my paint a little on the runny side because I feel its easier to work with.  If you want thicker paint, just leave out a bit of the water.

~Of course you can multiply or divide this recipe as you please.  I am sharing it in these portions because you can just purchase a paint tester (about $3.50) and dump the whole thing in.

So now you’ve made your paint!  What are you going to paint first?? I applied two coats of paint to my table. One thing I love about chalk paint is that it dries so fast. The second coat was ready for sanding and distressing in under two hours. I lightly distressed the edges with fine grit sand paper then applied one coat of clear wax with an old cloth. I might apply another to the top as I will likely be setting drinks here. Here’s how it turned out; what do you think?


curious chicken

DSC_0404 DSC_0402 DSC_0401

Cute right?  It looks adorable in the bathroom but you will just have to wait for those photos! :)

What are you gonna paint?


  1. JaneEllen says

    I finally bought some plaster of paris weeks ago, have yet to make chalk paint but will be doing so soon on a chair I bought at thrift store. Hubs is outraged that I’d paint a chair that’s oak but that’s why I bought an old chair to experiment on. Waiting to start as I haven’t yet decided what color(s) or how i want to paint the chair. Want it to be something whimsical, fun to look at in a room in our home. Guess he’ll just have to get over being outraged, lol.
    I am so enjoying your blog so far, finding great projects, your little table is so cute, little tables can do so much for a room, on what you put on it, how it’s used. color you used is very nice on it. Looking forward to see photos of your bathroom.
    Hope week coming up is good one for you. I’m hoping to get started on that chair and couple tables I bought last year, hubs complaining about room they take up in shed that’s full of too much “stuff” we should get rid of. Too hot here to do it now even with canopy up.


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