Reclaimed Wood Patriotic Welcome Sign {DIY Tutorial}

Reclaimed wood welcome sign

Good afternoon and thanks for visiting!  Today I have an awesome tutorial for you to make your own patriotic sign out of reclaimed wood!  I love, love, love reclaimed wood.

As a lover of old stuff and anything that has a sense of history to it, reclaimed wood is up there with my very favorite things.  I am beginning to see how easy it is to incorporate into decorating and love the natural, farmhouse feel it gives to any space.

This project is easy and its the perfect way to greet your guests this time of year, as we celebrate our great country.  Ready to make your own reclaimed wood patriotic welcome sign?  Actually you can put whatever you want on your sign.  I thought of putting something such as “Happy Fourth,”  but I really wanted something to decorate the front porch and I love the way it turned out.  If you’d like to make your own, here’s how to do it:

First, find yourself a few pieces of junky wood.  Mine are old pieces of fencing that have been sitting in my in-laws backyard wood pile for a while.  I didn’t worry about the fact that they weren’t exactly the same length cause that adds to the rusticity.

Then, I grabbed a few scraps of plywood for the backing and cut them down to size.  You will also need paint in red, white, and blue; I used a combo of my homemade chalk paint and some acrylic paint I had lying around.  I used the star stencil first but didn’t like the results, so I ended up using star stickers instead; to see how I did this check out this tutorial.  I also ended up using some old rope instead of the jute twine.  You will need wax paper and a printer for transferring your design, or you can just use printer paper and water.  For a good tutorial on this go here.  Supplies not pictured here are an artist paintbrush, brad nailer (you can use regular nails and a hammer), star craft punch, and sticker paper.

Reclaimed wood welcome sign

Next, I used my plywood scraps and a brad nailer to attach the two pieces of wood – quick and easy! This works fine because its just gonna be hanging on the wall.Reclaimed wood welcome signThen I painted the whole thing with red chalk paint; the color is Martha Stewart Ladybug.Reclaimed wood welcome sign

I wanted some of the wood color to show so I didn’t saturate it with paint; just a light coat.
Reclaimed wood welcome signNext, I used the star punch and some sticker paper to make star stickers.

Reclaimed wood welcome signPlace the star stickers however you want them on your sign.  I did a toss pattern but you could line them up or even put them in a circle, like the 13 colonies flag.

Reclaimed wood welcome sign Reclaimed wood welcome sign

After placing your stickers, paint over everything with white paint.  Again, don’t saturate it, just enough to cover the red.Reclaimed wood welcome sign

Let the white paint fully dry before peeling off the star stickers.  I don’t have crisp lines because of the rough texture of the wood, which allowed white paint to bleed under the stickers.  If this bothers you, you can use an artist paintbrush to go over the white with red paint.  I’m ok with it.
Reclaimed wood welcome sign Reclaimed wood welcome signNow you are going to put the design on your sign.  I am including the design I used for my sign, but you can easily create your own in Word or Pages.  Once you have your document to print, you are going to print it on wax paper- that’s right! – regular old wax paper.  The method for doing this is the same as printing on burlap; for a tutorial on this go here.

Here’s the design I used:welcome signClick on the picture to save or download the pdf: welcome sign

What you see below is a test page, so yours will not be smudged like that.  Once you have attached your wax paper to a piece of computer paper and trimmed it, load it into your printer – face down for front loaders, face out for top loaders.  I recommend using your photo printing setting for the best quality and you must REVERSE YOUR IMAGE before printing!Reclaimed wood welcome sign

You will want to transfer the image as soon as you are done printing, so don’t print until the paint is dry and the sign is ready for your design.  Be very careful once the wax paper is printed because the ink will smudge very easily.

Turn the page wax paper side down and line it up where you want it.  Lay it down carefully and once you have it in place, hold on to if firmly so it doesn’t move.  It will smudge!
Reclaimed wood welcome sign

Use a credit card to smooth the ink onto the wood.Reclaimed wood welcome sign

When you remove the paper most of your image will be transferred to the wood.  The rough texture meant I didn’t get a perfect silhouette, so you can trace the lines with a pencil to fill in the gaps Reclaimed wood welcome signUse a small artist paintbrush to fill in your design with paint.Reclaimed wood welcome signReclaimed wood welcome sign

Measure for the holes and drill them with a large drill bit that matches the size of your rope. Reclaimed wood welcome signReclaimed wood welcome sign

Thread your rope through the holes and tie a knot.Reclaimed wood welcome sign

Cut off the ends.  You’re done!  Now hang your sign wherever you’d like!Reclaimed wood welcome sign

Reclaimed wood welcome signReclaimed wood welcome sign Reclaimed wood welcome sign Reclaimed wood welcome sign Reclaimed wood welcome sign Reclaimed wood welcome signHope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I’d love to see finished projects made from this and other tutorials on The Domestic Heart.  And don’t forget to subscribe in the sidebar!  You can also follow me on Pinterest and Facebook!




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  2. JaneEllen says

    Love the font you use on your blog page, easier to read, for me anyway.
    This is wonderful tutorial. Appreciate all the great photos. This will be printed out so i can use it for future reference.
    I have my own ways of doing things but think I can certainly learn from others. I have learned so much from so many talented bloggers since I started reading blogs, have had so many enlightened experiences .
    Thanks so much for providing the welcome part of sign, very helpful to me. I will also go to link to see how to print on wax paper and burlap.
    Loved your banner you printed on burlap. Somehow when i was looking at blog posts about July 4th I missed yours., dadgumit. I have subscribed to your blog so I don’t miss anymore great ideas.
    Don’t have blog of my own, spend too much time on reading other people’s, making things i see on them and printing many of them out or saving them. I run out of ink way too often.
    Enjoy rest of summer days we have.

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      You are so sweet! Sounds like you are quite the DIYer! So glad you are following along. Let me know if there are any projects you are particularly interested in – I’m always open to ideas! That’s funny you said that, cause I’m so busy with my blog I don’t have much time to read others’ – LOL