Print on burlap {how-to} + patriotic mini bunting


Print on burlap tutorial, plus free printables to make a patriotic mini bunting and sign from The Domestic HeartHappy Friday! On Wednesday I shared some free 4th of July printables with you, so today I am sharing what I think is the cutest way to utilize those patriotic printables – printed on burlap!!

I love burlap.  Its cute, its old-fashioned, its cheap, and its versatile.  To me it just creates a more homey atmosphere, so I use it whenever I can in my decorating.

This tutorial will show you a really easy -and adorable- way you can decorate with burlap – you won’t believe how simple it is!


Supplies needed for printing

Supplies needed for printing – and of course you need an inkjet printer

Once you have gathered your supplies, spread out your burlap on your work surface.  In this case, mine was my kitchen table, so please ignore the food crumbs!  First you are going to lay your computer paper (8.5×11″) over your burlap.

I lined mine up with two of the edges to decrease the amount of cutting I had to do – work smarter, not harder!

Place computer paper (8.5x11") over your burlap

Next, trace around your computer paper with a marker.  I recommend putting newspaper down first, unless you think your dining room table would look better with permanent marker on it.


Cut out on your marker lines; you should now have a piece of burlap that is roughly the size of computer paper.  Now, give your paper a quick spritz with the spray adhesive.  This is just to help the burlap stick to the paper temporarily as it goes through the printer.

Then, match your burlap up to your paper and press on, smoothing out any bumps or ridges.  It doesn’t matter which side is up, as burlap doesn’t have a right side.  Its a good idea to trim the edges of your burlap where they over-lap the paper so you don’t have any feed problems.  Now you are ready to print!

Open the file you want to print and set your printer for photo paper.  This insures you will get high quality printing with no ink streaks.  For front loading printers, place your paper burlap side down in the print tray.

Its a good idea to take all other paper out and just have your burlap paper loaded.  For top loading printers you want your burlap facing out.  Check your print preview before you print to make sure your full image will be printed.  You may want to do a test print in B&W on regular paper just to make sure the image  is going to print how you want.


Nice! You printed on burlap!  I printed the mini bunting from my 4th of July printables.  Doesn’t it look adorable? Next, we are going to do something with those cute little triangles – let’s finish the bunting.  Cut out your triangles with sharp scissors.


Your bunting triangles are all ready to go.  To make the bunting you will need twine or ribbon – I used jute twine because I love the way it looks with burlap.  You also need a hot glue gun.


Gather your triangles and arrange them in the order you want them on the banner, then, turn them over, with the printed side facing down.  You are going to put a line of hot glue along the upper edge and then press your twine or ribbon on.  Be very careful as the glue is hot, hot, hot, hot (in Boston accent)!


Let your bunting cool for a few minutes, then hang wherever you please!  I also printed the matching 8×10 sign on burlap to create a little patriotic vignette;  I think they look adorable on my mother-in-laws buffet that she just finished painting using my DIY chalk paint recipe.


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  1. says

    This is so cool! I had no idea it would be so easy to print on burlap. That is genius. Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange! I am featuring your project this week. xo, Laura

  2. JaneEllen says

    Think I might actually be able to do this. Your tutorials are very clear and easy to follow. There have been so many times I could have done this but was chicken to try it. So glad i found your blog.
    I liked your chicken, nice and fluffy, filled out. How many chickens do you have?
    We have 5 were given by a neighbor of our daughter who was moving. We’ve had them about 6 weeks now and are getting eggs, enjoying chickens chicanery. Our dog is fascinated with them. Cat pretty much indifferent but we still watch him if he’s out and chickens are too. Don’t want to take any chances cat might get interested all of sudden. Happy week

    • says

      You can definitely do this! The chickens actually belong to my mom-in law. She has 8 and we get 6-7 eggs everyday – although I don’t eat eggs lol. Our dogs attacked the chickens so we really have to keep them separated!

  3. Ronnda says

    Super cute! Sadly, when I click on the link to get the printables I get a message saying nothing is there? How to do I get them? Thanks! :)


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