A Trip and a Party

Little Fishies first birthday party idea from TheDomesticHeart.com

I’m in Texas y’all! I’m back in my hometown for a few weeks for a visit with my parents and siblings, and hopefully a few friends as well.  My baby boy (7 months) and I survived sharing a seat on the plane for almost 4 hours, and now we are settling in to have a nice visit; I’m sure there will be some Scrabble involved

20 Pretty Printables {you can get for free}

20 Pretty Printables you can get for free on hometalk from The Domestic Heart

Good morning and happy Sunday! Ready for a new week?  What DIY projects do you have in the works right now?? Last week I shared a free printable I made for my bathroom.  I am in the process of decorating the walls of my bedroom, bathroom and my son’s nursery, so I have been looking around the www for other cute printables. I recently put

Create a Copper-Blue Patina {on almost anything!}

How-to get copper-blue patina {on almost anything} from TheDomesticHeart.com

Hello there! In my last post I promised to show you how I got the copper-blue patina for the picture frame for my “Give Me Jesus” free printable. So here I am, keeping my promise!  And you’re not gonna believe how easy this is.  Not only is it easy, you can do this on pretty much any surface you can paint.  I chose to try

“Give Me Jesus” Free Chalkboard Printable

Free Printable - Give me Jesus - The Domestic Heart.com

Hello friends!  What a crazy few weeks!  I have been so busy!  We have been traveling a lot and I have so many projects going on all at once.  One of them is finishing up our bathroom remodel.  Today I am sharing one of the art prints I made for the bathroom. *to download, right click on the print and save to your computer I

DIY Multipurpose & Baby Wipes with {Essential Oils}

DIY Baby Wipes from The Domestic Heart.com

I’ve been making my own essential oil baby wipes ever since my son was born 6 months ago and I love them. They work great, smell good, prevent diaper rash, are cost-effective, are free from chemicals I can’t pronounce, and have all the added benefits of the essential oils I put in them. When I first made these I found a few recipes online for

{DIY} #Instagram Photo Coasters

DIY Instagram photo Coasters from The Domestic Heart.com

Hey there!  Its been a while!  I’ve been so busy since the 4th I haven’t been able to work on the blog.  I have been doing a few project behind the scenes, however, and here’s a quick one for you! I, like most people, love a good #Instagram photo -I’m definitely on the bandwagon!  And since Intsagram photos are square I thought they would work

Turquoise Side Table Makeover

#turquoise side table makeover from The Domestic Heart

Happy Humpday!  Today I’ve got a cute little turquoise side table makeover to show you.  We live in a small house with 3 generations, so we put a sofa in our room in order to have a place to sit and read or just hang out in our own space.  I needed a side table for drinks, books, etc. and wanted to add some color