Blogsplanation and name change

Blogsplanation is not a word.  Its a word I made up to describe this post – essentially an explanation for why I want to write this blog.  I also would like to address the fact that, yes, I did change the name of my blog after only 5 days.  LOL – and I’m usually so decisive -oh well.

The reason for the name change is that I’m really trying to create a jumping off point for establishing my so-called “blogger identity.”  I have so many ideas and aspirations for this blog; I really felt I needed a name that could encompass them all.  The Domestic Heart is certainly a better description of where I’m coming from as a blogger.  My heart’s passion in life is to create a comfortable, happy, healthy, Christ-filled, and beautiful home for my loved ones and myself.  And, all areas of domestic life I am driven to do things for myself (aka, DIY), be it building furniture, painting, remodeling, cooking, cleaning, gardening or homeschooling (someday).  I am just one of those people that likes to make a house a home and be at home – a true domestic.  My hope is that my experiences, trials, failures, successes, inspirations, and the like, can help you in your journey towards making your home, and your heart, everything you aspire to.