Moving Into Our House + 5 Reasons Why Moving Is Awesome

Chaos.  Utter chaos.

Moving can be a drag - but there are some upsides too!  Here are 5 reasons why moving is awesome from

That word has defined the last week of my life pretty accurately.  We finally finished our home purchase two weeks ago, as I mentioned in my last post, my DIY turquoise entry bench.  And we were ready  couldn’t wait any longer to move into our new home!

Moving can be a drag - but there are some upsides too!  Here are 5 reasons why moving is awesome from

We were very blessed to have quite a few family and friends come to help us move in last Sunday, so it was not nearly as bad as it could have been.  But it still took the entire day just to get all of our stuff from the various places where we had it stored, hook up appliances, and set up a sofa or two.

And then the week began.  We both work full time for the same company and we are short staffed right now, so our workload is heavier than normal.  That means working later and being more exhausted at the end of the day.  So we spent most evenings digging through boxes just trying to find utensils, plates, shampoo, you get the picture.

I bought a shower curtain liner so we could take showers – obviously- and it had the little grommets on the top, which of course didn’t fit on the rings I had.  So the first morning we had to shower while holding the shower curtain up and still getting water all over the floor.  Lots of little adventures like that.

This is the first time we’ve moved without having a few days or even a week to set up house and get unpacked and I do NOT recommend that.  It’s super stressful and just not fun.

While I was dwelling a bit on how not fun this week has been- I am still incredibly grateful and excited about living in our new home-  and I thought of a lot of the benefits to moving.  Everyone knows that moving sucks but I wanted to share some upsides to moving with you today.   It’s something everyone will have to do at some time, and there are benefits if you look for them.  So here are 5 Reasons moving is awesome.

Moving can be a drag - but there are some upsides too!  Here are 5 reasons why moving is awesome from

1. Going through your stuff

We all accumulate stuff as time goes by, and moving gives you the perfect opportunity to take stock.  As you sort and pack or unpack, you can decide what’s essential, and what is just junk you are dragging around from house to house.

2.  A chance to get organized

After you’ve thrown out the things you don’t really need or love, it will be easier to get your home organized.  Also, when you are moving into a new space, it’s a blank slate from an organizing perspective.  Take a little time and think about how to organize your space to function for your lifestyle and family before cramming every closet and cabinet with stuff.

3. New opportunities for decorating

Moving to a new house is an awesome opportunity to mix up your decorating.  You can change up furniture placement, curtains, rugs, and put decor in a different room or setting than your previous home.  It can be really nice to get a fresh look without actually buying anything new.

4. Buying new stuff

Every home is different and sometimes a new home requires new things.  Maybe you need that perfect armchair for a cozy nook in your new home, or extra long curtains for a room with taller ceilings.  Whatever it is, it can be fun to get a few new things to really make a new home feel like home.

5. Changing up your routine

I guess this one is really the “upside” to the whole process of moving in general.  We all have our routines of working, grocery shopping, running errands and just living life, and sometimes it can be nice to change up your routine, even for something that’s as much work as moving.

Bonus reason – cute new address labels! If you are moving, you will have to update your address. One fun addition to moving is creating new personalized address labels. Shutterfly has great options that can inspire your creativity, and they usually have great coupon codes for discounts.  I created labels like these at Shutterfly and I think they are so adorable!  Screenshot 2015-06-19 20.38.44

So what do you think?  Are there any upsides to moving for you?


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    I agree with you, moving is a great opportunity to purge and start fresh. Though I admittedly grumble about packing up every time we move (which is about every year) I do love organizing our things, donating the extras, and moving in to a clean new space. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I couldn’t have read this post at a better time! I just bought my first home and am dreading the moving day! (it doesnt help I’m in NY in the dead of winter lol) But at least there are a few things to look forward to!