Mason Jar Blender Hack {DIY Magic Bullet} and Birthday Party Sneak Peak

Happy Friday!  With only two more days to get ready for the Birthday Party, we are full-tilt crafting, decorating, baking and creating!  We are having fun but its busy!  I am definitely going to be sharing some tutorials after the party, as well as photos from the actual party.

But today I’m excited to share a quick trick for making your own DIY magic bullet.  I have a magic bullet at home and we use it 3-4 times a day.  I love being able to make one serving, and only have to clean the cup.

But right now I’m staying with my parents and fortunately, when I went to make my daily smoothie, I remembered something my sister-in-law told me about a while back –

You can use a standard mason jar on your blender!  So cool!

I know I’m not saying anything original here, but I somehow never heard of this until recently, so I thought there might be others out there who’d love this tip too.

All you have to do is fill your mason jar with your smoothie – or milkshake – goodies, attach the blade – it should screw right on -Mason jar blender hack from

And blend!Mason jar blender hack from


I also wanted to give you a little sneak peak of what’s going on with the party!

I’ve built two beach boardwalk stands and painted them with pink and blue and white stripes.  We’ve printed and assembled the popcorn boxes and  cupcake holders.

I also built the wood signs for the stands – “cotton candy” and “popcorn” – and finished painting a sign that says “Boardwalk.” Lots done, but lots more to do!  Here’s a sneak peak:boardwalk party stands from thedomesticheart.comStay tuned for more party fun – and I have some great furniture transformations to show you soon too!  Go ahead and subscribe in the sidebar to get all the goodies delivered straight to your email inbox!

Thanks and have a great weekend!



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  1. says

    I have just learned this recently and I bought 6 mason jars for my blender. What can I do, I’m a smoothie addict. Great blog Shelly!

    • says

      Hi Bettsi! I usually don’t fill it above the area where the jar starts to narrow for the lid. I would leave about an inch below the top and you should be fine! A good clue is if you put the blender lid on and liquid spills out you probably have it too full. I haven’t had any problems so far! Hope this helps!

  2. Natalie Ibbitson says

    I was just looking up the different sizes of mason jars and ran across this. I am so excited!!! I assume you can’t use the wide mouth jars, you need to use the regular ones??