DIY Multipurpose & Baby Wipes with {Essential Oils}

I’ve been making my own essential oil baby wipes ever since my son was born 6 months ago and I love them. They work great, smell good, prevent diaper rash, are cost-effective, are free from chemicals I can’t pronounce, and have all the added benefits of the essential oils I put in them.

DIY Baby Wipes from The Domestic with #doTerraEssentialOilsWhen I first made these I found a few recipes online for baby wipes and have since adapted them to a formula that works great for me. Some of the recipes did not clean as well as these, and some went bad too fast.

So, I thought I would share my recipe for wipes which seem to clean well and gently, and last about 3-4 weeks before they start to mold.

You will need: purified water, Castille soap, high quality paper towels such as Viva or Bounty, pure Vitamin E oil, a Rubbermaid container similar to the one pictured, and the Essential Oils of your choice.

You can purchase everything you need at, except for the essential oils:

DIY Baby Wipes from The Domestic #doTerraEssentialOilsI usually use either the plain or lavender Castille soap, but I have used the melaleuca as well. I would not recommend using the peppermint, as this can be too strong for little ones and their sensitive skin. My preference ultimately is the plain, however I only had lavender on hand when I made this batch.

Here is a list of the essential oils I have used for the baby wipes and their associated benefits:

Lavender – antiseptic, disinfectant, calming, gentle, soothes skin
Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree Oil)- antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, disinfectant, boosts immunity, fights yeast infection
Frankincense – antifungal, antiseptic, cellular protection, calming, boosts immunity, improves health of skin
Protective Blend: a blend of oils made to kill germs and pathogens, increase immunity, kill mold and fungi, prevent infection and much more.

essential-oilsOne of the great things about these wipes is they can really be amended for a variety of uses.

Wipes with lavender and frankincense would be great for facial cleansing wipes for the morning or after a workout. Adding On Guard would make these great for anti-bacterial wipes for the car or travel.

Lavender and peppermint would provide cooling and healing for a sunburn, or you could add TerraShield for wipes that offer bug protection. I even make some with OnGuard and Melaleuca for cleaning my breast pump components when I’m on the go.

Here’s the basic recipe for wipes:
Half a roll of paper towels (cut using a sharp kitchen knife)
1 1/2 cups purified water
1TB Castile soap
1 tsp Vitamin E oil

5 drops of each essential oil used (10 drops if only using one oil)

Mix the water, vitamin E and soap in a bowl. {The vitamin E is nourishing for the skin and prevents the wipes from going bad.}

Add the essential oils and stir. Pour half of the mixture over the paper towels in the plastic container. Let them sit for 5-10 minutes to soak through. Turn the roll over and soak with the remaining solution.
Pull the cardboard roll from the middle and simply pull the wipes from the middle as you use them. Or you can transfer to a used baby wipes container by accordion-folding the wipes from the outside end.

blog pin itDIY Baby Wipes from The Domestic #doTerraEssentialOilsThanks for checking out my essential oil wipes recipe!  Do you have any ideas for essential oil wipes?  What oils would you use?




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    Shelly, I’m so happy right now. Ha, I’ve been wanting to make my own wipes for my little one for awhile, but always thought it was too difficult. However, considering I already have all this on hand, I will be making some! I make our own laundry detergent too, using the lavender castile soap and essential oils, too. Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve pinned already so I can save it!

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    Brillant! I am going to feature this on the B and D Facebook page this Saturday:)

    Thanks for linking up to the Feature Friday Link Party!

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic
    Creating Beautiful on Less

  3. Jenia says

    Just a quick question. I have been making my own wipes for w while with a similar recipe and I use the viva paper towels but am having issues with the paper towels shredding. Am I usin too much solution? Or too tight of a container? Ivebused ither wipes but they aren’t much sturdier and seem awful rough on baby skin. Any recemendations?

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      Hi Jenia. I used viva towels and the only shredding I had was if I pulled on the ends too much, or when I was actually cutting the roll in half. If he wipes are shredding as you use them, by best guess would be that they are too wet. You don’t want to soak them, you just want them moist. Make sure you arent using more water than suggested. Hope this helps!!