DIY Cap’n Crunch Halloween Costume

Ok, so I’m having a really hard time believing it’s October already.  I mean, it’s my favorite month and all, but sheesh,  I just brought my 9 month old home from the hospital yesterday…right?  But I digress.

Being that Halloween is this month, I thought today I would share a costume tutorial with you all!

We don’t really celebrate Halloween much around here due to our beliefs, but when we do get invited to a random costume party, I always make our costumes.  My favorite costume I’ve ever made, by far, was this Cap’n Crunch costume for my husband a few years ago.

(please excuse the poor photos – taken years ago, at night, with a camera phone, long before the idea of blogging had entered my mind) :)Who doesn't love Cap'n Crunch?! This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make a Cap'n Crunch costume for kids or adults

I just loved how it turned out and he got a lot of compliments on it.  This costume would work great for kids – boy or girl – or pretty much any fan of Cap’n Crunch.

And I’m gonna show you how I did it!

A little disclaimer before we start:  you need to be able to sew (or know someone you can bribe to sew) to make this costume.  At least if you want it to look pretty realistic you will want to make the blazer yourself.  It’s a fairly simple pattern and felt is easy to work with, so it’s be a great project for beginner sewers!

Also know that I pulled this together in a  day, so if you have any experience with sewing and crafts, it shouldn’t take you very long.  If you’re a newbie it might take a couple days to finish.


First things first!  Let’s make the blazer/jacket thing.  I used a chef uniform pattern, specifically McCall’s 2233 Chef Uniform pattern.  It comes in several sizes so you can customize it to fit whomever you are making the costume for.  If you’d like to make this for a child this Kid’s Chef Costume Pattern from Simplicity should work great.

If you look closely at the patterns, you’ll notice the collars are very short. This is the only part of the pattern I had to modify in terms of sewing. I simply added a few inches (I think around 4″) to the height of the collar, and made the edges square instead of rounded. This gave me a nice high collar to turn. You could really go crazy with this detail because Cap’n Crunch has a super high collar.

Image source: google

Image source: google

I used a royal blue Felt Fabric to imitate the look of wool.  It is thick and the right weight for this – and felt is very inexpensive!  For the jacket closure I just sewed a strip of velcro inside; it’s just a costume so it worked fine.  Just follow the pattern and make sure you like the fit before continuing with trim.


For the trim/accents/buttons you will need a small sheet of white and yellow felt (they are in 8.5×11″ sheets at any craft store) for the trim and accents.

I used yellow the felt to cut large circles for the buttons and the “C” on the hat.  I used the white felt for the eyebrows.  I just drew them on the felt then cut them out,

I used 5/8th inch yellow ribbon for the trim on the sleeves and collar, using hot glue to attach it.  You could also use iron-on hem tape.

To make the shoulder pads, I cut circles out of a foam chair pad like this one, which I also used for the hat (cut out of the corners to save space for making the hat).  After I cut out the circles, I hot-glued them on to the shoulders of the jacket.  It helps if you have the person wear the jacket while you figure out the positioning, but have them take it off before you start hot-gluing!

After attaching the foam circles, I cut out circles of the same size from my felt and glued them to the top of the foam.  Then I took some vintage yellow brush fringe trim I ordered from Etsy and glued it around the edges of the foam. I think pom pom trim would look great too.Who doesn't love Cap'n Crunch?! This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make a Cap'n Crunch costume for kids or adults

The Hat

I used a foam chair pad like this one to make the hat.  The hat is constructed of two layers of this foam.  First I decided the measurements I wanted for the hat (width and height) roughly based on the size of my hubby’s head.  It’s not an exact science.  This is not even a real hat, so don’t freak out too much about it.

Once I decided on the dimensions, I free-handed a design onto the foam using the picture as my guide.

Image source: google

Image source: google

Then I cut it out and used it as a guide for cutting the 2nd piece.  You want two identical pieces to make the front and back of the hat.  Next, I used hot glue to glue it together only around the edges.

You have to leave room for the person to put their head between the two pieces of foam.  

Did I emphasize that enough for you?

Once the hat is constructed, use it as a guide to trace and cut out blue felt to cover the front and back.  Cover the top with blue felt as well.  Then attach the white felt eyebrows and yellow felt “C”.

Pulling It All Together

The rest of the costume consists of white leggings, black Vinyl Boot Tops that you can put over black dress shoes or boots (or just use your own black boots if you have some), and a GIGANTIC mustache – made from felt cut in the shape of a mustache and covered in cotton.  You could also throw in a toy sword if you have one.

Image source: google

Image source: google

Who doesn't love Cap'n Crunch?! This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make a Cap'n Crunch costume for kids or adultsWho doesn't love Cap'n Crunch?! This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make a Cap'n Crunch costume for kids or adults
If you decide to make this costume I’d love to see your pictures!  You can post them to my Facebook page and I would love to brag on you!

And stay tuned because next week I’m bringing you another great free fall printable and hopefully will be sharing how I made my queen sized headboard a few weeks ago.


From my {domestic} ♥ to yours,

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