Chalkboard “Autumn” Banner {How to Decorate For Fall on a Budget}

This year money is pretty tight.   Paying for all of our expenses, including grad school loans for two people, on one income does not leave a lot of room in the budget for seasonal decorating.  Can you relate?

Well I’m going to be sharing a series of projects and posts dedicated to decorating on a budget, namely for fall.

I’ve already shared how you can make easy and inexpensive pumpkins out of drop cloth (or other fabric) and twine (seen below).  If you missed that post you can see it here.

Today’s craft is equally as easy to make, and probably less expensive.  And with the charm and versatility of chalkboard, and the nostalgia of old book pages, who wouldn’t want to make one of these banners?  That’s what I’d like to know! :)When you are on a budget, it isn't always easy to find ways to decorate your home. If you love to decorate for fall but don't have a lot to spend, you will love this series about decorating for fall on a budget! This project will show you how to make a versatile chalkboard banner for fall

Here’s what you will need:

  • Jute twine, baker’s twine, yarn, or ribbon, as desired
  • Chalkboard marker (I used white)
  • White chalk
  • Old-ish book pages – I didn’t tear up a priceless antique book or anything.  I used a paperback from 1960 that isn’t worth anything and happened to have nicely yellowed pages
  • Some kind of tape or a glue stick
  • Pen and card stock or scrap paper for tracing
  • Single hole punch
  • Mini chalkboard buntings as seen in photo below (purchased from Joann’s on clearance)

Easy Chalkboard & book page Autumn banner from TheDomesticHeart.comBefore you make the banner you will need a template for tracing the book pages.  I took some junk mail we had lying around and traced around one of the chalkboard buntings on it.   Then when I cut it out, I cut about a 1/2 inch from the line I had traced, which gave me a template in the same shape as the chalkboard buntings, only a little larger.  Once you have your template you can assemble the banner:

  1. Trace around the template onto the book pages; you will need 6 for this banner
  2. Cut out the book pages
  3. Run the chalk over the bunting to “prime” it and give it that chalkboard look, then erase with a paper towel or your fingers
  4. Apply tape or glue to book page or to the back of bunting, whichever you prefer;  I found it was easier to line up the bunting when I had put the tape on the back
  5. Line up the bunting with the book page and press down firmly
  6. Punch holes in each corner, write your letters with the chalk marker, and thread with twine or ribbon

Easy Chalkboard & book page Autumn banner from TheDomesticHeart.comNow hang your banner and enjoy.  Easy Chalkboard & book page Autumn banner from TheDomesticHeart.comEasy Chalkboard & book page Autumn banner from TheDomesticHeart.comEasy Chalkboard & book page Autumn banner from TheDomesticHeart.comEasy Chalkboard & book page Autumn banner from TheDomesticHeart.comI love banners because they are very flexible.  You could hang this on a mirror, your mantel, a bookshelf, a buffet or dresser, a shelf, or another decorative item.  So many options!

I hope you enjoy your “autumn” banner for now, but remember, this is chalkboard, so you can erase and use for other occasions by adding or subtracting letters as well!

From my {domestic} ♥ to yours,



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    Thank you for sharing your banner at Outside the Bob link party! I love it! The best part is that I can make it with my five year old daughter. She would making one for herself.