Cabinet Towel Bar & Other Kitchen Hacks

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It’s officially my favorite time of year!  The trees are turning red and yellow, the holidays are approaching, and I just feel the need to have a hot drink in hand at all times.  I also feel the need to get a little more organized, perhaps because life gets so busy this time of year.


Plus, the kitchen gets a lot of use during the holidays, so it’s a great time to streamline and get organized – so you’ll have a little extra time to sip those hot drinks!  So today I’m sharing a quick kitchen organization idea you may not have thought of, as well as a few other kitchen organization hacks to make life a little easier.

We are about 80% done with our DIY kitchen reno, and yes, it’s taking forever.  One thing I added during the renovation for extra convenience is a towel bar right below the kitchen sink.  I’ve always hated the way those fake drawers under the sink look, since they usually don’t have hardware attached.  So I decided to put a bar there for hanging towels, that way my husband we don’t drip water across my freshly installed floor reaching for a hand towel.

What to do with that fake drawer under your kitchen sink.  Kitchen cabinet towel bar and other kitchen hacks at the Domestic Heart blog.

I was a little worried it would get in the way when standing at the sink but it really doesn’t.  I used an Ikea towel bar I’ve had for quite a few years, similar to this one.  I can’t find the exact one I have, but they sell several different styles and sizes of towel rails.

If you’d like to incorporate this idea into your kitchen, the most important thing is that you buy a rail that fits your cabinet, so make sure to measure before you buy.  Then just center the rail on the drawer face, mark and predrill the holes, and attach with screws.  What could be easier?

Enjoy your new handy-dandy towel bar!

Here’s a few other handy kitchen hacks to help you out this season:

1. DIY Charging station from Polka Dots in the City.  This is so cute and such a great idea.  Here’s what you need to make this charging station:rail with hooks, Flatware Caddies, and the wire basket with handle.

diy charging station 20- polka dots in the country

2. I love this simple DIY trashbag organization from Simply Organized.  Just a set of wall brackets and a wood dowel.  You can tighten the screw on the brackets to keep the dowel from coming out when in use.


3. And how about this idea from Ask Anna for storing those rolls of foil, etc- pretty clever, huh?


4. The ladies over at Made From Pinterest used a tension rod to organize underneath the kitchen sink.  It doubles the storage space, and all the bottles are up front and easy to access!

What to do with that fake drawer under your kitchen sink.  Kitchen cabinet towel bar and other kitchen hacks at the Domestic Heart blog.


I hope today’s post was helpful!  Do you have any kitchen hacks you’ve come up with or love to use?  Let me know by commenting below!





  1. says

    That fake drawer can become even more useful, by making it flip open, to accommodate a mesh bin, to hold the scrubbers, sponges, etc…, and still have the towel rack on it. The / tension rod, put under the upper cabinets with small s books will hold a slew of lightweight coffee cups, or a few heavier ones. You can also hook strips of metal, and fill these strips with magnetic spice holders. Kitchens offer so many chances at becoming rich in storage spaces, and solutions, in a very poor amount of space.

    • Judy Borman says

      I have the flip open ‘fake drawer’ fronts in the bathroom as well for toothbrushes and toothpaste, dental floss, etc. Keeps them clean and away from everything else. Love’em!

      • Sarmat says

        Hello1 Happy New Year! Could you share your ideas with me, please? Pictures will be exelent.

  2. Jolene says

    I have officially lost my mind with your WONDERFUL tips!! I will use almost every one. Thank you!

    • suzanne says

      I have this idea in my kitchen and yes it is slightly annoying to have to move the towels aside when going into the cabinet under the sink, but it is a better solution then having a towel sitting damp on the counter or all the way across the room on the oven door. The choices we make…

  3. Kathy says

    I was thinking the same thing Rachel. Seems as though every time you opened the cupboards underneath. the towels would have to be moved. Looks nice but not really user friendly. Other ideas are great.

    • Rachel says

      Yep, agreed. Most of these hacks look great at first glance but when you think of their practicality, they usually don’t make sense.

  4. says

    Awesome ideas! Love the toel bar idea but not in front of the sink. I can hardly reach the window over my sink to open it so I know it would get in my way – but i am under 5′ tall so even normal counter height is a pain. Going to use this idea on the side of my made short for me island though! I have also seen the false fronts removed and rods installed for paper towels.

  5. Ann Sebolt says

    The tension rod under the sink looks like a good idea but I tried it and it won’t hold much. If you put more than two or three bottles it’s too heavy and falls down.

  6. Kim Dudrak says

    I use an over-the-door shoe holder inside my kitchen closet for all of the stuff that used to be in the junk drawer – batteries, extension cords, tape, rubber bands, etc. All neatly organized and easy to find!

  7. Mic says

    Hanging damp or wet towels down the face of the cabinets will break down the finish over time. Having designed and sold cabinets for years, this was a common problem and customers would come in to purchase new doors.

  8. Judy says

    I tried the garbage bag on a dowel rod but it didn’t work. I couldn’t push the rod through the center of the roll without the bags in the center being pushed out.

  9. gail says

    Good length towel bar. Keep a towel for drying hands on the side without the garbage cans. For company hang two towel bars or center one. I’m tired of the towel on the stove bar falling on the ground. Mine hits the floor when I open the oven door.
    I currently use hair clips to keep the towel from falling off.
    I will try this with command strips to check it out before making holes.
    Thank you

  10. Clara says

    Perhaps a hood use for the new curtain rod, I had purchased for over the sink but the framing will make difficult to use.

    For the rod under the sink to hsng clesning supplies, a curtain rod may provide more strength and stability.