DIY Chalkboard 1st Birthday Photo Display

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Hello!  Long time no see! At least for me.  The last month has just been incomprehensibly busy.  Christmastime, family visiting, starting back to work full time, an impromptu visit to see my dear sweet Mimi (grandma) for the last time (more about that here), and of course, my son’s first birthday party.

I’m hoping life will settle down a little bit now, and I can dedicate more time to this blog!  I am almost ready to share all the photos from the party with you, but today I thought I’d share one of the little projects I loved from the displayThere are a ton of different ways of displaying first-year photos, and I really wanted something simple, multifunctional, and little bit rustic; a little chalkboard in the mix never hurts either!

All I did was take an old, chippy, aqua window (isn’t it gorgeous??) I’ve had around for a while and turned it into a chalkboard.  To do this I cleaned up the front of the glass, removing old paint and sticky spots.  I covered the glass with newspaper and added a few coats of polyurethane to the frame to lock in the chipping paint, because I’m 99% sure that’s lead paint (note the gorgeous crackle finish!).

Next, I taped off the frame and sprayed the glass with Chalkboard Spray Paint.  I let it dry between each coat and did 3 coats.  Then I primed it with a piece of chalk and my new chalkboard was ready to go!

For the display I chose 12 photos that I loved and had them printed in black and white in 4×6 size.  Then I simply taped them to the chalkboard using looped packing tape on the back of each photo.  You can play around with the pattern of the photos, especially depending on the size of your chalkboard.  I settled on this pattern of staggered rows.

0956Lastly, I just played around with doodles, numbers and different letterings to make it more interesting, putting the month with each picture.  I’m not very good at free-hand doodling but it turned out ok I think.

If you are planning your little one’s first birthday party soon, this would be a great way to display his or her Year-In-Photos!  And the bonus is, after the party, you can simply remove the photos and you have a great chalkboard to use however you’d like!

Here’s a glimpse at the Hot Cocoa Bar with the photo display next to it.0955

Stay tuned for the recipe for the AMAZING crock pot hot cocoa I made for the party!  You won’t want to miss it – it’s easy & delicious!

From my {domestic} ♥ to yours,